Death and indentured servitude in Qatar

Wonder how the world cup will go over in 2022.

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The natural gas fields controlled by tiny Persian Gulf kingdom of Qatar make it the richest nation in the world in income and production (GDP) per person.  Its rulers have ambitious plans to make it a business and tourism center for the Middle East and the world.  The prestige of Qatar is symbolized by the fact that it will be host to soccer’s World Cup in 2022..

Yet Qatar’s riches rest on the labor of non-citizens, most of them migrant laborers who have no rights, and work in dangerous and unhealthy conditions for poverty wages, which sometimes are withheld from them.

Only about 250,000 people, all of them native Qataris, are citizens.  Most of the rest of Qatar’s estimated 2 million residents are migrant laborers, who comprise 94 percent of the country’s work force.  The kingdom is busy constructing stadiums, hotels and other facilities for the 2022 World Cup, and…

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NL West Preview MLB

My Order: 1. Dodgers 2. Giants 3. Padres 4. Rockies 5. D-backs


Dodgers: All of you that think every single good player on Dodgers is going to get then your just hoping and clearly just think baseball is a joke. We have depth even if some get injured. If Kemp can be the 2011 again and if Hanley can keep a MVP race going then we be fine. Of course we do need Kersh healthy.


Giants: Come on Dodger Fans. Time for a reality check. We can not deny it. The Giants are back. Posey is still strong. If Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Madison B, and Panada do what they are meant to do then I would be scared. They have decent depth and honestly I have the Reds falling this year and Pittsburgh taking one wild card. Nats take East, braves pitchin sucks and so I have Giants taking the 2 Wild Card.


Padres: Chase is hungry for that 2012 season. Andrew Cashner is becoming there pitcher. I know people are saying Josh Johnson was not going to be the Starter for opening day which is true but switching teams can change as a player and I would not be to surprised to see him become the pitcher he once was.


Rockies: I debated whether I put the Rox last or second to last. But lets face it Tulo has had big injuries and these injuries are the types that can come back to you. However I think IF he can stay healthy along with Cargo and Micheal does what he does then I have them close to the padres BUT if tulo does not stay healthy then its back to last place for the ROX.


D-backs: I know I know. From the Second to last thats pretty big. But lets face it. With half of the players and coaches kicking and screaming for at the Dodgers for jumping in there pool which who puts a pool in a stadium anyway? And Patrick Corbin injured. Besides Goldy can you really tell me a player that is great and even is an All Star. Trumbo is good which is why I have them very close to the ROX and they can still easily Pass them and I think the Rockies can easily pass the padres so all three of them are close. D-Backs need to move on from all the crap that happened between them and the Dodgers if they want to move up in standings. We have which is one the reasons why the Dodgers past you.


Go Blue. Good luck to all the teams in NL West this year. The NL West: The mot underrated and non cared about division in all of sports. Because everyone on the east coast is sleeping.

Sports Update

Hey everyone.

Ran 3 miles yesterday. Now that I am done with midterms I can probably run long distance again. Went to the LA kings today which is March 22. Johnathan Quick became the Kings all time leaders in wins for Franchise history. Been keeping an eye on the Dodgers yesterday and today. Still mad that I can not watch the Dodgers on TV yet. In March Madness Ohio State was eliminated in the first round which really ticked me off but UCLA is still in so that is good. Hope everyone is having a good start to Spring.

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“Running” Update

Ran on Saturday and Sunday. 6 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Trying to keep running till San Fransisco in July. I will probably start running a little bit more again once midterms are done in my school. Always fun (not). They were not the best runs probably still not a 100% from the LA Marathon.

Go Dodgers!

Also Dodgers arrived in Australia after a long flight. Opening game against D-backs on March 22.

Opening Hello

Hi, I am Daniel. I am a 14 year old boy and runner. I am a huge sports fan and I will probably talk about both running and Sports. My favorite team is the LA Dodgers. I actually like just about every LA sports team except the Lakers and USC. Not to long ago I ran the 2014 LA Marathon on March 9 2014 with a organization called Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA) Some of you may know what that is but for those who do not it is a non-profit organization that lets 7th graders through 12th graders run the LA marathon. You train at your own school and from a teacher at your school. But you get trained properly and train from August to March. Sorry you may have already noticed my grammar sucks and I am not the best writer but hey this is what I want to do. But anyway almost 4,000 people run the LA marathon from SRLA so it is actually pretty big. They would have more but the people in charge actually do not like having runners that young on the course because you know there all minors. My time for that marathon was 4:48:42 which I know for a fact I can do better I was on pace to get under 4:15ish but Shin Splits had a different idea. So ya I will post updates and stuff. If you guys are runners or want to sports talk feel free to ask a question or give me advice because I want to get better at running and I want to improve my time in the Marathon. Sorry I am not the most professional person to blog but I will try and get better. Bye!